Research Focus

The goal of the IREX research group is to develop interactive systems for innovative digital media in order to create relevant and sophisticated experiences accessible to people. Such systems involve social and educational interactive experiences that generate cognitive and affective responses, by triggering emotions and inviting to the reflection on learning arrangements.

The interdisciplinary team of IREX works on applied topics focusing on one main question: How can interactive realities be developed in such a way that they generate a certain experience? In order to answer this question, the research group explore various fields, such as serious game design, immersive virtual/augmented reality, multi-user interaction and user experience methods.

IREX laboratory Hannover

IREX Research Concept

Research IREX

Our research objectives


Develop innovative systems with state of the arts methods from Software Engineering


Create effective and appealing interfaces that enrich the user experience


Understand cognitive and affective processes with behavioral methods to improve user-centered design


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Interdisciplinary Research

IREX is a interdisciplinary research group. In order to create valuable and applied experiences for users, it is necessary to consider different digital aspects. Thus we explore the Human Computer Interaction holistically, by analyzing different disciplines separately and as a whole. Our publications answer questions regarding the experience of users in virtual reality, user-centered design, perception, visual computing, among other topics.


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