IREX at the Iteration 2.0 of the TH Köln study program Code & Context

photo by Costa Belibasakis / TH Köln

The explorative bachelor program “Code & Context” of the TH Köln celebrated its first graduating class with the exhibition Iteration 2.0. On October 21 and 22, the event presented the best works from the last three semesters of Code & Context and the research projects of the professors. One of the exhibits was ViTAWiN. Jonas Schild and the IREX Team with Anna Tarrach, Madeline Ebeling and Artur Ritter demonstrated the research project and the study Visualizing Perceptions of Non-Player Characters in Interactive Virtual Reality Environments for the visitors and during interactive tours. Talks, workshops, networking and a party were also part of the Iteration 2.0 attracting numerous visitors.

We were particularly pleased about the exchange with the president of the TH Köln, Prof. Dr. Stefan Herzig.

photo by Costa Belibasakis / TH Köln

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